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“Learn Through Your Lens”

RAWDetroit is a creative community located in Detroit, Michigan. Aiming to engage, inspire and enable emerging talent and educate the next generation about the power and importance of creativity. We are opening a creative studio in Detroit that provides the proper resources for photographers to learn and grow within their field. 









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 Get Notified About Our Next Event

Our Mission.

RAWDetroit plans to open a creative studio for photographers in Detroit, Michigan by the spring of 2021. The Studio, “RAW-CC” will be a place for Detroit’s standing and upcoming photographers to learn, work, and grow. Home to all photographers, this studio will have workshops for photographers to grow their skills and be mentored by the best photographers in the Motor City. 

RAWDetroit’s goals are to shape Detroit’s future as a leading destination of design, art, and culture. The building will feature its own beating heart, its spirit, and its own very personal style.

This is a place creatives can live, work and play. Where aspiring designers can cut their teeth and learn their trade; where local talent can work alongside international design, art, and fashion houses. It is, at its heart, a place where creative minds can come together to realize their dreams.

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Serving The Creative Community Since 2016

RAWDetroit has conducted 23+ local creative events, partnered with 12 national brands, and generated a Detroit organic growth that reaches an average of 210,000+ impressions (weekly). RAWDetroit hosts events in and around Detroit, bringing the community together through educational panels, photography classes and workshops, and more. RAWDetroit has partnered with organizations such as; Forbes, Verizon, Adidas, SoGoodVegan, Detroit Vs. Everybody, Detroit Hustles Harder, York Project, Eli Tea Bar, 3Dogs1Cat, The Vintage Wick, Ink Courage, Detroit, Dough, Cadillac Lodge, and ThinkDetroit.

New Online Video Series.

RAWDetroit presents #WeAreDetroit.
A series of interviews in and around the city of Detroit. Here we follow businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers as they disrupt the industry growth in the city. 

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Our Future Mission…

Our goal is to build a photography studio tailored to the next generation of creatives within the city of Detroit. We will be providing the essentials for creatives to learn and grow through workshops from some of Detroit’s best photographers. We envision a safe and trustworthy go-to home for creative needs, within the city of Detroit. This will be an environment welcoming new creatives with open arms as they embark on their creative journey.

Why Build a Photography Studio in Detroit?

On December 11, 2015, Detroit became the first and only city in the United States to receive the UNESCO City of Design designation, joining a network of now 31 design cities and 180 cities focused on using creativity as a driver for sustainable and equitable development around the world. RAWDetroit began hosting creative workshops and now wants to go big! And build a center where the next generation can grow their creative skills.

What Amenities Will This Community Center Have?

Our goal is to support our creative community however we can. And so, we have a range of benefits to help you and your business grow at our creative center.

  • High-speed internet
  • Front desk service
  • Secure building access
  • Secure parking premise
  • Business-class printers
  • Community engagement: Spaces available to host and attend professional and social events
  • Complimentary usage of meeting rooms
  • Pantry service: Coffee machine, tea, water cooler, microwave and kettle
  • Unique and fun common areas
  • Utility service charges covered
  • Daily cleaning and maintenance
  • A range of creative studios/sections
  • Take-home equipment (i.e: cameras, laptops, film equipment, and resources)
Who Can Benefit From This Creative Center?

The creative center will bring great benefit to local, Detroit, creatives such as:

  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Visual Artists
  • Creative Strategists
  • Product Designers
  • Film & Motion Designers
  • Fashion/Editorial Models
  • Fashion Designers
    … and many more!
Will There Be Available Co-Working Spaces?

Whether you are a novice entrepreneur, developing business or an established corporation, get an attractive studio at RAWDetroit to suit your unique needs and build your ideas where they belong.

Here’s a space that fosters organic collaborations and provides a support network for its companies and freelancers alike. Take advantage of being a part of a community that epitomizes creativity in its truest sense.

Once the center is close to being open to the public, we will begin the application process for creative workspaces.

When Do You Plan To Have This Center Built?

Currently, we are planning to open a smaller version of a creative studio in Detroit by 2021. However, we have a goal to raise over $1.5 million to get the official “RAWDetroit Creative Center (RAW-CC)” up and running! So, we are projecting that the larger community center will be completed by the fall of 2025! If you would like to donate to the cause, please reach out via email at info@rawdetroit.org or call us any time between 8am-10pm Monday through Friday at (586) 842-6795.

How Can I Get Involved With The Cause?

We are always looking for help! Please fill out the contact form below, and briefly mention what you want to get involved in and someone will be in contact with you! If you would like to make a donation, please contact us at info@rawdetroit.org or call us at (586) 842-6795

Contact Us To Get Involved!

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